Through the ages

Friday 17 July 2015, Written by

Some trends come and go and some trends turn in classics. The love of all things vintage, pre-loved and antique is certainly here to stay. Who doesn't adore rummaging around brocante markets and antique shops? Part of the appeal is that old items have a patina of age and a history.  The appeal also covers interior décor, from furnishings to lighting, from walls to floor coverings. So if you like the aged/distressed look, here are some of our tiles that might inspire you to embrace this style in your next tiling project:

Antique effect - the Artworks Collection includes Antique Bronze mouldings (made from ceramic but glazed to give an antique effect). Antique Mirror tiles from Glassworks have an attractive aged, mottled effect. 

Natural stone is millions of years old, hewn from the ground and crafted into tiles for floors or walls, or cut into small pieces to create mosaics. Finishes include tumbling, brushing or honing, all of which provides a beautiful aged effect that is very tactile. Our Earthworks range of tiles and stone mosaics includes many stunning examples for walls and floors, from slate, travertine and marble. 

Frosted glass pebbles and tumbled glass mosaics also feel gorgeous to the touch and look just like sea glass. 

We also have a wooden mosaic called Surabaya that really does have a story to tell: the wood has been recycled from old fishing boats.

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