Tiles for all walks (and walls) of life

Friday 13 October 2017, Written by Nan Nawrocki

Tags: Victorian Flooring, Wall, Traditional, Contemporary, Customer Projects

You might not be quite as tile obsessed as we are here at Original Style, but perhaps you have glanced at a wall in a bar or strolled across a floor in a restaurant and thought – I love those tiles!

Tiles are hugely important in commercial, retail and catering environments, used for their colour, texture and style as well as their practical features for wall and floor coverings.  Original Style wall and floor tiles have been installed in many different locations around the UK and abroad: from churches to Las Vegas hotels, from posh restaurants to local pub kitchens, bathrooms in high end hotels to the ladies loos in an international tennis club (the ranges include Artworks, Dorset Woolliscroft, Odyssey, Victorian Floor Tiles and The Winchester Tile Company).

So if they are tough enough for environments like these, then you can be confident they will be absolutely fine for your hallway, kitchen or bathroom!

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