Top Mosaics

Friday 27 March 2015, Written by

This week our Style File looks at the most popular Mosaics in our extensive collection. Here's a look as the top styles, materials and colours.

Gold and Gold Fleck 
Top of our list is Gold. If you like goldgold fleck and gold effects, you'll love our treasure trove of mosaics with the Midas touch.

Shell, pebbles, metal and other natural materials
Next up: It's easy to understand why shell mosaics are so popular, with their subtle colouring and shimmering effects.To achieve a similar look to our softly rounded pebbles, try rustic mosaics and other tumbled natural stone mosaics in neutral shades.All things copper are on trend at the moment, which is reflected in our top ten mosaics too. We have plenty of mosaics either made from copper or with rich coppery tones to get the same feel. Choose from  stoneshellmetal,  recycled wood and coconut (yes really!)   

Popular colours, iridescence and mixes
Blending is trending: look out for combinations of glass, stone and metal. On the popular colours front, blue is still the favourite colour for a calming bathroom space. whereas black is perfect for creating a dramatic look. Iridescent mosaics look great in any setting. Use our browsing tool to find your best colours.

Porcelain floor mosaics in black and white have always scored highly in the popularity stakes - we also have natural stone mosaics with basket weave and octagon dot designs available. For more octagon dot effects, why not take a look at our Victorian Floor Tile patterns for alternative colours and sizes.

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