Victorian Floor Tiles - a new tradition

Friday 30 January 2015, Written by

Tags: Victorian Flooring

Our blog post this week looks at the newest additions to one of our most popular ranges. They are called Victorian floor tiles as many of the patterns and colours are based on authentic and original designs from that historic period. But that doesn't mean 'old fashioned' by any means! Of course you can create a wonderfully traditional look to suit your décor or age of your house, or if you prefer a modern style or have a new home, get a fresh and contemporary look going with some of the simpler Victorian Floor Tiles patterns. Browse for the style you like or visit your local retailer who can guide and advise you with your choice. For tips on how to tile, visit our tiling guide.

Head over to Sarah's Blog for a closer look at our Victorian Floor Tile collection.

Beautiful in black and white

Making an entrance

In traditional colours

Subtle colours

in a pretty design