What is luxury?

Friday 19 June 2015, Written by

This week we've been thinking about luxury and what it means. The actual dictionary definition of 'luxury' is "Indulgence in and enjoyment of rich and sumptuous living".  Whilst we can't live in the lap of luxury all the time, we can - and indeed should - all make space for a bit of indulgence in our busy lives and in our homes. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Introduce rich colours and opulent textures into your décor
  • Include mirrors and reflective surfaces to provide an illusion of space
  • Use 'boutique hotel' styling for a feel of effortless luxury
  • Get sumptuous effects with materials such as crystal, pearl, precious metals, glossy glass and polished marble
  • Enjoy the touch and feel of textures such as fluffy towels, extravagant throws, plump pillows and good quality bed linens  
  • Create a home spa in your bathroom or en suite
  • Design your own panel of mosaics

For a closer look at luxury, visit our Style File, and also check out our Pinterest boards. As always we welcome your comments and images via Twitter - what's your take on luxury?