Whiter shades of pale

Friday 6 February 2015, Written by

Have you tried to select a white paint recently? It's almost as if there are as many shades of white as there are snowflakes (and that's a lot!). But it's a pleasure to have so much choice, as you can allow your imagination free rein before selecting the perfect hue for you. As with paint, so too with our wall and floor tiles: with so many different shades, materials and formats, how can you decide? Here is just a small selection from our range of white tiles. Try our useful colour browser to see what's on offer as well.

Metro wall tiles and brick formats provide a smart clean backdrop in a kitchen

Add a textured tile to your wall for drama and interesting shadow effects

An iridescent mosaic can turn plain white into a rainbow in your bathroom

Glossy white tiles andglass tiles reflect the light beautifully

Floor tiles in white with lighten up a gloomy room and make it look much bigger

Sarah's blog this week takes a practical look at using white, and head over to our All White Now Pinterest page to view some gorgeous images of white interiors.