Your practical guide to wood-effect floor tiles

Friday 3 March 2017, Written by Nan Nawrocki

There’s no denying that real wood floorboards look gorgeous, in both modern and traditional settings.  But nowadays wood effect tiles engineered from porcelain are so realistic and come in so many styles, textures and colours it can be really hard to tell them apart. And aside from looks, there are lots of pragmatic reasons for choosing porcelain faux wood tiles instead of wood:

  • They are long lasting and very durable – easily withstanding scratches, staining and spills

  • Once installed they will stay flat rather than warp (wood) or curl (laminates)

  • Use in bathrooms and kitchens – wood and laminates will suffer from moisture exposure

  • Some of our Tileworks wood effect tiles have low slip potential, so again, perfect for bathrooms – and gardens!

  • Low maintenance = no need for wax or oil treatments, just normal cleaning

  • Direct sunlight won’t cause fading as with wood planking

All the benefits of wood, all the practicalities of porcelain – and they look great on walls as well. Here are some of our favourite faux woods (can you tell the difference)?

For more inspiration go our Pinterest pages and share your installations with us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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