Q: How do I place an order?

A: We do not sell direct from our website,if you have found a product you like; please use the Find a Showroom feature to locate your nearest Original Style showroom. If you search from the homepage you will be given a list of results showing the showrooms which are geographically closest to you. If you search for a showroom from a specific product page, your search results will be more tailored to that specific product and the results will based on the nearest showroom with that item on display.

Q: How do I request a tile sample?

A: Your nearest showroom will be able to arrange samples for you. Please contact the showroom direct using our nearest Showroom finder.

Q: What is the Wishlist for?

A: The Wishlist enables you to save the products you are interested in. You can then print this off and take to your nearest showroom or you can email the Wishlist direct to your nearest showroom with your enquiry.

Q: How do I search for a specific product?

A: Please go to Browse Tiles on the Homepage, there are a number of different search terms which you can use to search by, once you have clicked on a particular term, you will be given some more specific filters to help you narrow your search down further. If you know the product code or product name you can use the search tool on the right-hand side of the main menu on the homepage.

Q: I need to find out how to install a product, where do I look?

A: Please refer to the Fixings Guides, the link can be found on the Homepage or if you are on a specific product page, please click on the Installation and Maintenance tab under the product details.

Q: I want to find a particular colour tile to match my décor - can I search by colour?

A: Yes you can, please go to Browse Tiles and then Colour. You can then choose the colour family, and then use the filters on the left hand-side of the page to find the exact colour you are looking for.

Q: I need to work out how many tiles I need for my floor/wall/room- how do I do this?

A: You can use the Tile Calculator on each product page which automatically enters the size of the tiles you are looking at; all you need to do is enter your room dimensions. Or you can use the Tile Calculator on the Homepage.

Q: How do I get a dealer login for the website?

A: Dealer Login’s are only for our Dealers with Original Style accounts. If you are an Original Style Dealer, please contact your Sales Representative to request a login.