Victorian style bathrooms

пятница 2 Октябрь 2015, Written by Sarah Cole

Victorian style floor tiles are incredibly popular in homes of many styles, but are most commonly seen in hallways and on front paths. Would you ever consider using these tiles in your bathroom? Here’s why you should…

Heritage styles, such as Victorian, have been around for more than a hundred years and many homes still have authentic Victorian tiles; today the discovery of original tiles is highly prized. Whilst homeowners might frequently choose to reinstate a Victorian hall or path, the bathroom isn't always the first place you would think to install them. However, these tiles are made from ceramic and are incredibly hardwearing (hence why they can survive for more than a century!) Once sealed, they can cope with water splashes and the presence of lots of grout between the individual ceramic pieces provides natural slip resistance. Not to mention the fact that they can be used with underfloor heating to keep feet toasty on cold winter mornings.

Many people automatically assume that Victorian style tiles can only be used in traditional homes, but this isn't the case. As patterns are made up from individual ceramic tile pieces in a range of shapes, you can create something entirely bespoke that suits your tastes. Black and white checkerboard patterns are timeless and look at home in modern or classic spaces, or create a contemporary geometric pattern in shades of grey that will bring the look right up to date. Intricate patterns with lots of colours and shapes add a sense of grandeur and can be paired with modern touches, like metallics, as shown above.

Small spaces needn't rule out this style either. There's a widespread belief that you can't use pattern in a compact room but this isn't the case! Opt for a pattern that uses larger tile pieces as this can trick the eye into believing the area is bigger than it is. Those blessed with a large bathroom can go all out - generous spaces can cope with bold, complex pattern in swathes so choose whichever pattern catches your eye.

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