Victorian style patterned geometric floor tiles – a closer look at what’s new

пятница 30 Январь 2015, Written by Sarah Cole

Just before Christmas, we unveiled a host of new additions to our Victorian floor style collection. This style of geometric tiling is pivotal to the Original Style portfolio, and something we are well known for, so we put a lot of thought into how we could refresh the collection to cater for changing tastes and styles.

Widely considered to be a staple for traditional homes, we were keen to show that Victorian floor tiles can be adjusted to suit modern properties too - our tiles are extremely popular in Scandinavia, arguably the most stylish corner of the world, which is famed for its minimal and modern design style. We consulted with our extensiveretailer network to gain valuable insight into what was popular in their area, what colours their customers liked and what we could present differently to help make the design and selection process even easier. Then we set about refreshing the collection and its brochure…

The result was an updated colour palette introducing three new shades of grey (Holkham Dune, Revival Grey and Chester Mews) as well as adding vibrant Pugin Blue and a selection of new shapes. With these in hand, we designed a new set of patterns that take into account the new colours. We also show the simplest version of each pattern and how you can tweak it to increase the complexity.

Since the launch, it's become clear that the simple, monochrome patterns are very much en vogue at the moment. Nottingham and York are firm favourites, as are the more complex patterns which are usually thought to be very traditional. These transform into something much more contemporary when a simpler colour palette is used, just look at Blenheim to see what we mean.

We even added to the colours used in our decorated statement tiles, such as Salisbury (shown top). The new, soft palette brings this right up to date and wouldn't look out of place on the floor of a contemporary kitchen!

Our brochure breaks down each design too, showing which shapes are used. This makes it easy to visualise how it would change by adding different colour or incorporating different tile pieces. 

For more ideas, head over to our Inspiration pages or browse more images on Pinterest.

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