Travelling is meant to broaden the mind and a trip away from home is a great opportunity to look at things differently. Bringing back memories and souvenirs can even inspire you to redecorate your home on your return. The tiles in our Odyssey floor tile collection were originally inspired by such journeys of discovery. Look closely at some of the designs you’ll see shapes, patterns and colours reminiscent of Moorish designs –one of the influences from around the globe is the beautiful Alhambra Palace in Spain, where ceramic tiles take centre stage.

Maybe our tiles will remind you of your own travels – take Odyssey into your home for your own global adventure.


Designs for the Grande tiles sized 300 x 300 x 9mm are on a White base and include:

  • the classic black/white or grey/white chequerboard of Harlequin
  • geometric Voltaire, with its 3D optical illusion
  • Vogue, a pattern which evolved from Medieval and Victorian designs
  • Bolero, based on centuries-old Anatolian tiles and ceramics
  • the woven trellis of Epoque, one of our most popular designs


These smaller floor tiles (151 x 151 x 9mm) are hand finished and made to order, on base colours of White, Dover White, Red, Black and Brown, with matching borders, corners and drop ins. Co-ordinating plain colours can complete the look. Lay the patterns wall to wall, or create a rug effect with a border.

Designs include:

  • Assyrian’s circular pattern
  • Rococo, a stylised floral in three colourways
  • The lacy, snowflake pattern of Romanesque, available in seven colour options including dramatic Grey on Black
  • Alhambra and Seville, and as their names suggest, inspired by patterns found great buildings in Andalusian Spain

Tapestry Wall Tile Collection

The Odyssey Tapestry Collection was inspired by embroidery designs and stitched decorations for fabrics and rugs. These crisp white tiles with blue designs look beautiful combined into a randomly mixed patchwork panel.

The Odyssey brochure showcases the range with inspirational photography showing a variety of rooms and areas of use. The Product Guide tables show all colour options, sizes and co-ordinating borders. However, as always, to really appreciate the look and feel of Odyssey, we recommend that you search for then visit your local retailer, where you can see both wall and floor tiles on display and get advice and help to choose the best designs for your home.

Download the brochure