Ceramic wall tiles, mouldings and decorative pieces for bathrooms, kitchens and beyond. The rich, intense colours, deep translucent glazes and finely crafted details reflect the quality of the Collection and are perfect for recreating both classic and contemporary styles.

At 152mm (6”) wide and with a depth of 7mm/1/4” most of the tiles are designed to be combined together. Field tiles, half tiles, a large brick and metro pieces are available in up to 20 gloriously glossy colours, with matching moulding pieces which are made, hand finished and fired in our kilns here in Devon. The exceptional reflectivity of the tiles and moulding is achieved by creating our own glazes, which ensures a unique translucence, intensity and depth. There are sumptuous Platinum and Gold tiles, crackle glazed half tiles, satin options in two colours and Antique Copper mouldings too.

These wall tiles complement our Victorian and Odyssey floor tile ranges and also look great alongside other ranges such as Earthworks natural stone and Tileworks products including wood-effect and stone effect porcelains.

The 20 gloss glaze colours range from Brilliant White to Jet Black, via traditional colours of Burgundy, Victorian Green and Royal Blue, and now include a new warm white Vintage White and two contemporary greys, Chancel Grey and Westminster Grey.

Inspiration for some of the decorative designs came from art and architecture from as far back as ancient Greece and Rome. It goes to show that good taste and style are timeless, so Artworks tiles will look beautiful in both contemporary and traditionally styled homes.

Some highlights of the decorative tiles in the Collection are:

Victorian Collection: A series of authentic Victorian designs on tiles, borders and tile sets (originally these would have been used to decorate fireplaces)

Raised line, relief moulded and tube lined tiles: these hand decorated pieces are faithful reproductions of original pattern and created by skilled artisans in our Devon studio.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Mucha’s Art Nouveau classics, designs from the Arts & Crafts movement and the ever popular Art Deco era

Classical Style: Motifs such as Crowns, wreaths and the fabulously famous Fabergé egg, all in high definition on a cream background

Fabergé: Motifs such as Crowns, wreaths and the fabulously famous Fabergé egg, all in high definition on a cream background

Masterpiece tiles and works of art: Replicating works of art by Klimt, Alma-Tadema, Raphael, Botticelli and Monet on glazed ceramic tiles.   

Browse through the Artworks brochure to view all the tile colours and mouldings, inspirational room sets and close ups of the tiles. However, it’s always best to see the real thing, so to fully appreciate the translucent glazes and rich colours of the glazed tiles, the detail of the hand painting and the beauty of the decorated designs, we recommend you visit your local retailer. There you’ll find samples of the tiles and a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you with your choice.