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A contemporary kitchen makeover with Winchester Classic field tiles

Friday 25 August 2017, Written by Laura Tompkins

Contemporary might not be the first style that comes to mind when installing Classic tiles from the Winchester Tile Company, but these home makeover images go to show just how versatile tiles can be…

Our new Mosaics Collection

Friday 21 April 2017, Written by Laura Tompkins

Our updated Mosaics collection has made us so excited here at Original Style! We’ve refined the range by removing some of the less popular products and added in 83 new and exciting products in a number of formats and materials. We believe this collection has something for everyone, from muted subtle hues to bold and daring statement shades, here’s the full scoop on our new collection…

Our New Tile Visualiser

Friday 17 February 2017, Written by Laura Tompkins

We’re always thinking of ways to inspire our customers and help you to get the most out of our wide range of tiles, especially our Victorian Floor Tile collection. With this in mind we designed our new Tile Visualiser! Choose from four different rooms in the style most suited to your home and experiment with various patterns to help you choose the perfect colour scheme and overall look for your room.

A touch of England in New England

Wednesday 26 October 2016, Written by Sylwia P

The story of a Winchester splashback in the heart of the Old Bay State

Our Updated Artworks Collection

Friday 23 September 2016, Written by Laura Tompkins

We’ve had plenty of exciting new additions and product launches this year, but this month we are celebrating the relaunch of one of our most loved ranges, the Artworks collection. Artworks is one of our most cherished collections, classic and decorated field tiles and mouldings which have been created here in our factory since 1986!

A to Z of tiles: G is for glass tiles

Friday 9 October 2015, Written by Sarah Cole

Glass is one of the most practical tile materials that you can use in your home. Glossy, reflective, easy to clean – what’s not to love? It comes in a range of shapes, sizes and formats, so here’s some tips for what you should consider when choosing your glass tiles.


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