Glorious green – how to use green in your home

Friday 5 September 2014, Written by Sarah Cole

Green had a bit of a moment in 2013, with Emerald Green being named Pantone's colour of the year. As a result, countless dreamy green products and beautiful rooms came to the fore. Whilst trends have undoubtedly moved on (with blue emerging as a big trend this year) a desire for green remains, thanks to its soothing and natural persona.

The popularity of green is also largely due to the versatility of the colour. A range of hues from zesty lime (as per the Mohaka splashback, shown top) to muted, more traditional shades and natural forest greens shows there truly is a shade to suit all environments. The latter lends itself to being paired with natural materials such as rustic wood or wood effect tiles. Popular in bathrooms, this creates a sense of calm.

Bright greens can be very invigorating and work well within contemporary environments, particular when coupled with glossy, shiny or reflective materials such as glass. These hues can inject a much needed sense of fun into areas full of dark cabinetry or clean lines, so don't shy away from using them if green is your thing!

The type of material you use can also have an impact on the overall feeling of the shade. Green mosaics tend to have a certain amount of variation so create a sense of texture and depth that can be very appealing. Additional effects, such as gold flecks, feel rather regal when paired with a more traditional shade of green, so can help in creating a sense of luxury - perfect for your bathroom. 

From L-R: Crocotile Pop Art tile in Apple Zing, Sequoia gold fleck glass mosaic, Dolce patterned ceramic tile

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