Monochrome – black and white schemes that never date

Friday 25 July 2014, Written by Sarah Cole

Of all the endlessly popular and beautiful interiors schemes, it's hard to think of one that is more versatile and enduring than simple black and white. But what is it about black and white that keeps it at the forefront of design?

To put it simply, black and white is an effortless combination, and can be used in any environment to great effect. It can act as grounding for a more vibrant scheme to provide a point of contrast, it can be minimalist or it can be patterned and striking in its own right. The rise of Scandinavian style has done wonders for black and white, with homeowners and designers alike embracing Scandi minimalism and monochrome patterns coupled with wood to create some truly beautiful interiors.

Black & white patterned tiles

For those who want to inject a touch of personality without going overboard on colour, black and white patterned tiles can be an excellent resource. Effortlessly elegant, black and white lends itself to busy pattern on a smaller scale, as the unfussy palette helps prevent the look from becoming too much.

Traditional spaces look great with a classic monochrome checkerboard pattern, and this won't date. If you ever feel like you want to add a splash of colour, you can do so using paint or accessories. Black and white is the perfect base for vibrant hues.

Monochrome for contemporary interiors

As well as being suited to a traditional space, a black and white colour scheme is equally suited to a more contemporary space. Opting for dark tiles with a glossy finish instantly adds polish. Choosing black wall tiles can be daunting, so a shiny surface will also serve to reflect light. What's more - a black wall is the perfect foil for adding accents of bright white accessories, such as chinaware or ornaments. Against a dark backdrop, these will really pop.

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