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Friday 26 July 2013, Written by

Make the most of blue - Original Style's colour of the month

A staple for interior designers, there’s more to humble blue than you might think. In fact, there’s also sorts of science and meaning behind the shade that makes it a great choice in design.

To start with, blue is what interior designers would term a ‘receding’ colour, giving it its characteristics as a cool shade. This simply means that blue remains in the background and doesn’t ‘advance’ on the eye in the way that warm colours such as reds do.

This makes blue the perfect option for smaller spaces as it doesn’t crowd like warmer shades. For example, if you have a small kitchen, opting for glossy glass tiles in cool blue is one of the most effective ways of creating a more spacious feel, as well as reflecting available light around the room.

An incredibly evocative colour, blue is particularly popular in bathroom environments with aqua shades conjuring images of clear, deep sea, wide open skies and a sense of calm. There is a certain freshness to cool blue, which is made even more apparent when combined with crisp white, and a sense of luxury in deep navy and royal blue shades.

Those who love colour and aren’t afraid to show it can team blue with its friend yellow, also a striking primary colour, to create the perfect beach illusion.

One of the most common and popular uses for blue is combining a range of shades into one scheme, known as a monochromatic scheme. Using different shades of the same colour creates a sense of depth, making it a popular choice for statement tiles. As the difference remains tonal, the overall effect isn’t overwhelming, and is instead soothing to the senses

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