Spa style: how to turn your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary

Friday 31 January 2014, Written by Sarah Cole

At the end of a long and busy day, what could be better than retreating to your own private, spa-style bathroom to soak in the tub, take a hot shower or just relax? With many of us leading busy and stressful lives, spa style bathrooms are remaining popular, offering a chic and functional space that’s as perfect for everyday use as unwinding in.

Spa style bathrooms tend to follow a loose theme, with the colours, textures, fixtures and fittings all chosen to inspire a sense of physical and mental wellbeing, as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Thought goes into selecting products that promote a feeling of calm, such as natural materials like bamboo, wood and stone that create a connection with nature. For the same reason, neutral palettes are often chosen for the harmonious feeling they promote.

If you want to recreate this style in your own home, think about using natural stone. Materials such as marblelimestone or travertine in soft whites and creams lend themselves to creating a serene environment. If you prefer wood, realistic porcelain wood effect tiles look beautiful and are incredibly practical in a wet, bathroom environment. Porcelain tiles that mimic other natural materials such as bamboo are also a great choice in terms of form and function – lending themselves to creating a connection to nature as well as being durable. However, mosaics made of the real thing, such as Ceylon bamboo mosaics, will create unbeatable authenticity and texture. Create depth and a sense of luxury with accessories - fluffy bath mats and towels are a must for creating a truly relaxing and opulent space.

If space and budget allow, an oversize freestanding tub will make every bath an event. Or, for true indulgence, a sunken tub will feel like a naturally formed pool that you can descend into for total relaxation.

Of course if you’re after a truly indulgent and authentic spa experience, water jets that massage away the tension are a must. Other high tech options include rainfall showers with chromatherapy lighting, which creates the perfect ambience for relaxation and can be adjusted according to your mood.

A heated towel rail within arm’s reach of your shower or tub is a sure-fire way of creating a luxurious, cared for feeling. Nothing kills that spa vibe like scrambling for a cold towel as you emerge! 

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