Victorian Floor Tiles – examples of completed projects

Friday 4 July 2014, Written by Sarah Cole

Victorian style floor tiles have seen a dramatic increase in popularity in recent years, largely due, we think, to their versatility and bespoke nature. Traditional style Victorian floor tiles, also known as ‘geometric flooring’, are made up of individual pieces in a range of colours, which are combined one by one to make a beautiful pattern. The installation process can be very time consuming as a result, but the final effect is undoubtedly worth it.

We have created a range of patterns to choose from, but for the creative out there, you can also design something totally unique. A wide selection of hues means that you can create your own colour combinations to suit any environment.

We work closely with our quality retailers in the UK and around the world to provide our Victorian Floor Tiles to homeowners and commercial buildings alike, and it’s always very gratifying when we are sent pictures of finished jobs. Here are some examples of completed projects which may inspire your own Victorian floor tile project.

Exterior tiles

Victorian floor tiles are frequently used to decorate the exterior of properties, particularly those built in the era. Often, clients use our Victorian Floor Tiles to restore and replace an old or damaged path or doorstep in a way that is sympathetic to the age of the property. 

Images supplied by SPR Tiling & Plumbing and Roworth Tiling

Bathroom & cloakroom tiles

Bathrooms and cloakrooms lend themselves very well to Victorian floor tiles as it’s the perfect place to experiment with pattern. A cloakroom, particularly, is the ideal place to use a bold or patterned tile as it’s often an area that guests see when they visit.

Images supplied by Caversham Tiles and Victorian Tiles

Hallway tiles

Another place perfectly suited to making a statement is the hallway. Victorian floor tiles used in halls creates a sense of grandeur, which is a beautiful sight when you enter your home. As you don’t spend a great deal of time here, you can afford to choose as bold a pattern as you dare. Soften it with muted colours if you’re nervous, or go all out. The only limit is your imagination!

Images supplied by (L-R) Caversham Tiles and Victorian Tiles, Casa Ceramica, Flooring by Design

Kitchens & conservatories

Well used areas like kitchens are a great choice for using tiles as they are hard wearing, hygienic and easy to clean, and Victorian styles lend themselves really well to classically designed spaces. Even in modern or new build homes, Victorian tiles can add a sense of history alongside a sense of depth and interest. Conservatories, equally, tend to have a lot of use and can be exposed to the elements as a thoroughfare to the garden. Ceramic tiles are therefore a really practical choice, as well as being beautiful.

Images supplied by Welby & Wright

Restorations & historical buildings

Our Victorian Floor Tiles have been used in a wide range of restoration projects, as well as historical buildings throughout the UK. The below Victorian Glasshouse at Wentworth Castle was completely restored last year using 35,000 of our individual triangle tile pieces!

Images supplied by VisitBarnsley of wcgtrust. Tiling by Horners Tiling.

For more ideas, head over to our Inspiration or browse more images on Pinterest.

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