10 Ways With Borders

Thursday 9 October 2014, Written by

Here are some fabulous ideas for finishing touches for wall and floor tiles to save you from going over the edge…


  1. Artworks has a range of beautiful, highly decorative ceramic border tiles to enhance to traditional dado mouldings 
  2. Use framing pieces to highlight features or decorative plaques in La Belle Collection tiles for kitchens
  3. Glass strips in accent colours really set off the neutral colours of porcelain large format tiles in our Tileworks collection
  4. Using a line of smaller tiles within an expanse of tiles in a contrasting colour works well
  5. Chair rails and dados in natural stone can be used to frame features or define changes of materials


  1. There are a huge range of decorated borders to choose from in both Odyssey and Victorian floor tile ranges
  2. Use straight lined border tiles to frame an intense or complicated pattern
  3. Use decorative borders to enhance a plain floor
  4. Border strips can define a rug effect area and highlight corners and junctions with border tiles
  5. Natural stone flooring can be edged with decorative borders for extra interest

For more ideas, head over to our Pinterest feed or Sarah's blog.