It's Easy Being Green

Thursday 5 September 2013, Written by

Green is a very useful tool in your colour palette. Associated with fresh growth after dull winter months, spring green can light up a dark kitchen - a glass splashback and upstands are ideal for a quick update.

Green wall tiles were used extensively in Victorian and Edwardian homes: with our Artworks range of traditional colours you can carry on the custom of combining high gloss tiles with decorated tiles and mouldings. Highly patterned traditional Victorian floors often incorporate green as a contrasting colour with red to build complex and rich designs.

Using green as an accent can add a little zing, rather like adding a dash of lime juice to an otherwise ordinary recipe. As it's made up from yellow and blue, green works well alongside these colours, particularly blue - try Odyssey floor tiles to refresh a hallway.

Many of our Glassworks tile and Mosaics (both gloss and frosted) are available in shades of green, making them a refreshing alternative to blue for a serene bathroom.