It's Only Natural

Friday 27 February 2015, Written by

Lighter evenings, longer days: ✓
Pale sunshine, occasional blue skies: ✓
Green shoots: ✓

Looks a lot like spring is on its way at last!

We're taking our inspiration from nature this week, with wall and floor tiles in soft pastels, pretty floral motifs and even some wildlife!

Look at our Glassworks Collection for glass tiles in green and blue hues, both frosted and gloss

Our Artworks and La Belle Collection ranges include a range of colours as well as tube-lined and hand-decorated tilesborders and plaques with flowers and foliage for a classic look

Odyssey floor tiles come in gorgeous muted colours of jade, pale green and denim blue

Discover our huge range of Mosaics for accents of pinks and shimmering shell

Visit our Winchester Tile Collection website to enjoy, among other delights, the subtle colours of Artisan wall tiles and mouldings, and amazing hand crafted panels of chickens, geese and hares

Head over to Sarah's blog for some more Spring ideas.