Mosaics have been used to decorate buildings for thousands of years and the Greeks and Romans made them into an art form, creating highly intricate images from tiny pieces of stone (tesserae), mainly for their floors. Mosaics are still an incredibly popular way of covering walls and floors today in homes, commercial buildings and for swimming pools too.

The format hasn’t changed much over the centuries either, although modern mosaics are now every easy and quick to apply. Mosaics are probably the most versatile of all tiling formats: small pieces of glass/stone/shell/ceramic/porcelain/metal (or a combination of all or any of these) are all held together on the reverse side, usually by a mesh backing (although some have a film or paper covering on the face rather the back). Mosaic sheets can be fixed in the same way as ceramic or porcelain tiles with adhesive and grout: view ourFixing Guide for full installation details.

The advantages of the mosaic sheet are:

  • they can be easily cut into strips for using as a border or an accent
  • are forgiving on less than perfect surfaces
  • can even be used on curves (not something you can do with an ordinary tile).

When you are looking for something a little different for your next project you’ll find plenty of choice in our Mosaics ranges, whether it’s a mosaic for a border or a feature panel, for a splashback or as a backdrop. There’s a huge range of colours and materials to choose from too: Glass mosaics are available in clear gloss colours, gold fleck, iridescent, mixed and tumbled effects. Natural materials of stone, shell and metal are very popular and fit in beautifully with current interior trends. More unusual materials, such as recycled wood, coconut, bamboo and copper are all available if you are looking for something completely out of the ordinary.

Our brochures contain photography to inspire and all the details of materials, size and suitability, and you can also use the browse option here. However nothing beats looking at and touching the products themselves so we suggest you search for and visit your local retailer to discuss the best mosaics for your individual project. You’ll find comprehensive displays of mosaics, a sample service and most importantly expertise and guidance to help you make the best choice for your home.