Hand Decorated Floor Tiles

See our wide selection of hand decorated tiles in various sizes, colours and patterns. Smaller tiles are ideal to use individually to add variety and contrast within a geometric tile pattern and/or border. These decorated tiles are the ideal complement to the plain colours. Based on traditional Victorian designs, the decorations are in colours designed to sit alongside the geometric tiles. Choose from panels, individual drop-ins and borders and corners in differing colours and styles, from the dainty leafy scroll of Lansdowne to the classic Greek Key. But traditional colours are by no means old fashioned, you can use classic coloured hand decorated tiles in buffs, greens and reds to create a timeless look that suits the décor or age of your home. If you do have a modern or newly built home, consider using a monochrome or grayscale colour way.  Using a softer palette of decorated floor tiles adds a modern twist and wouldn’t look out of place in any contemporary hallway, kitchen or path!

Tile Set Panels

Palmerston 36-tile set

Panel size 916 x 916mm (approx. 36 x 36”) including grout spaces. Individual tile size 151 x 151mm (6 x 6”).

Disraeli 9-tile set

Panel size 457 x 457mm (approx. 18 x 18”) including grout spaces. Individual tile size 151 x 151mm (6 x 6”).


Individual tile size 151 x 151mm (approx. 6 x 6”) Use these four identical tiles to make a panel 304 x 304mm (approx. 12 x 12”) including grout spaces.