A guide to our tile collections - which will you choose?

A guide to our tile collections - which will you choose?

While we're proud to offer such a vast range of tile collections, we understand that sometimes our customers can feel a little unsure where to start. So, that's why we thought we'd take the time to go through each of our wonderful tile collections and explain the background behind them, as well as discuss the variety of options and styles available.



Our collection of contemporary, porcelain and ceramic tiles mainly in a large format. These tiles are created using the latest ink-jet technology, so many of them look just like natural stone, wood and even concrete. The Tileworks collection is trend-led and contains the newest and freshest styles, with options for walls and floors in bathrooms, kitchens, living spaces or wherever you choose! This collection offers something for every area of the home and even commercial settings like hotels, restaurants and bars. Here's an overview of the Tileworks collection:

  • A range of ceramic (a tile material usually used on walls) and porcelain (a tile material usually used on floors) tiles in large format sizes
  • Realistic stoneconcretewood and metallic effects all with practical and durable qualities 
  • Contemporary styles that have a modern feel
  • The Tileworks collection also pairs well with our other collections and creates the perfect canvas for adding a splash of colour



As our longest standing collection, it's no surprise that Artworks is one of our most cherished. We've been creating classic and decorated tiles and mouldings in our Devon factory since 1986, and, while the Artworks collection has grown and evolved over the last three decades, many of the original pieces are still in the range and just as timeless today. Here's all you need to know about the Artworks collection:

  • Glazed wall tiles in a variety of size formats including; field tiles, brick tiles and metro tiles
  • Many colour options like Brilliant White, Jet Black, Burgundy, Royal Blue and more contemporary shades like Chancel Grey and Vintage White
  • A number of decorated wall tiles such as vintage florals and detailed tile panel sets, perfect for fireplaces (which is exactly how this collection began!)
  • Plenty of beautiful mouldings from a simple Omega to a more detailed Egg and Dart, all perfect for adding those finishing touches
  • All created in our Devon Factory


Mosaics have been around for centuries and today, they're still used in interiors to add detail, colour and texture, they're also brilliant for breaking up a space and injecting a little bit of interest to a scheme. Our Mosaic collection is packed with a variety of colours, textures and materials, from real shell to glittering glass and natural stone. Here's more on Mosaics:

  • Mosaics are made up of different shapes, from circles and squares to hexagons, ovals and linear shapes
  • All of our Mosaics come on a sheet of either mesh or paper - both of which have different installation methods. 
  • Mosaics can be used across an expanse of space or as a border or panel to add detail



Living is our newest and one of our most exciting collections. It features a selection of large format, patterned tiles that are distinctively different. These include unique designs such as the French-inspired Maison, iridescent Art Deco style Radiance, and, the uber-cool Nano with urban ditsy prints. These tiles are suitable for many walls in the home, we especially love them for feature walls and, they all come with a coordinating plain tile so you can go as bold or as subtle as you like. Here's more on Living:

  • Large format decorated wall tiles in a variety of unique patterns
  • All 36 designs have been created by our designers and printed in our Devon Factory
  • Each patterned tile has a coordinating plain tile



The Winchester collection is also hand-crafted in our Devon factory and exudes rustic charm, offering an authentic appeal. Made up of several smaller collections, Winchester offers wall tiles in a variety of formats and mouldings, all with unique, undulating glazes that add depth and character to a space. Here's an overview of the collection:

  • Rustic, glazed wall tiles and mouldings in a variety of finishes and size formats including; field tiles, half tiles and brick tiles
  • Made up of four smaller collections; Elements, rustic brick tiles in muted hues and bolder shades; Residence, glossy glazes in a number of formats; Artisan, with mellow tones inspired by nature; and Classic, a wide range of colours and mouldings as well as a selection of whimsical designs.
  • All hand-crafted in our Devon factory


Victorian Floor Tiles

Our authentic collection of Victorian Floor Tiles began in 1990 and since then we’ve established a wide range of shapes, colours, patterns and borders alongside hand-crafted decorative tiles. Over the last 30 years, Victorian Floor Tiles have grown in popularity, especially for those renovating period properties. The introduction of more contemporary colours has enabled homeowners to create a wider range of looks, in modern muted greys and chic neutrals as well as the more traditional, red, buff and monochrome palettes. Here's more on our Victorian Floor Tile collection:

  •  Individual tiles that make up a number of patterns, from a simple checkerboard to more complex styles
  • Choose from 15 colours as well as decorated drop in tiles
  • Select one of our many patterns or create your own bespoke design! You can also use our Computer Aided Design service to see how the pattern will look in your home
  • Decorated tiles are hand-finished in our Devon factory



The Odyssey collection is a series of patterned tiles and borders, inspired by places and styles from around the globe and throughout the ages. Think Moroccan bazaars or Turkish pottery, these tiles will transform the walls and floors in your home or garden. Many Odyssey tiles are hand-finished so each are a work of art in their own right, they are also designed and produced by skilled craftspeople in our factory. Here's a summary of the collection:

  • There are four ranges in Odyssey each with their own characteristics
  • Mezzo - these tiles measure 20cm by 20cm and have muted, repeating patterns for a modern urban feel
  • Grande - these tiles measure 30cm by 30cm and the designs range from simple florals to complex intertwining forms
  • Primo - these tiles measure 15cm by 15cm and the patterns have a much more intricate, colourful feel, there are also coordinating border tiles
  • Tapestry - these tiles are suitable for walls and are perfect for creating a patchwork effect


Glass has been used in the decoration of buildings for a thousand years or more, and, its reflective qualities are always being redefined. Our Glassworks collection is home to a wide selection of glass tiles, all of which appeal to those looking to add a new dimension to their space. Over time this collection has grown to include a whole host of on trend offerings like the popular Antique MirrorCopper Leaf and striking Spun Silk. If you think glass tiles are for you, here's an overview of the collection:

  • A selection of glass tiles in brick, field and mosaic formats
  • Plenty of subtle styles and bold patterns, bright colours and metallic shades to choose from
  • Use across an expanse of space or use them for an accent or feature wall

When selecting your tiles, the most important factor is seeing them in real life, which is why we always recommend getting a sample tile. Just like you'd paint a swatch on the wall, hold the tile up against the area you will be installing it and consider how it looks in the light, throughout the day.

If you think you're ready to order a sample, you can do so by calling 01392 473000, a member of our team will be happy discuss your project and send you your samples so you can get started!

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