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Decades of Tile Artistry

We've celebrated over 35 years as a leading tile manufacturer and distributor with our story beginning in the development of tile sets for cast iron fireplaces. Today, we are renowned for our unrivalled glazes, market leading designs and innovative tile solutions; many of which continue to be produced in Exeter, Devon.

We are committed to creating quality tiles using traditional techniques as well as new technologies. Everything we produce in our factory is unique thanks to the experience of the highly skilled artists, designers and crafts people who make up our team.


Leaders in all things tile, we also pride ourselves on our varied product portfolio. To strengthen our hand-crafted collections, our teams of designers and tile fanatics travel the world sourcing complementary porcelain and ceramic products in various colours, shapes, and innovative concepts to ensure our ranges remain unparalleled and at the forefront of pioneering tile design.

Tiles to Inspire

“Tiles are our passion. Everything we produce is carefully curated and skilfully crafted. As a designer, there’s simply nothing better than seeing our creative concepts being brought to life and forever captured on ceramic and porcelain to be admired for many years to come”

Jane Addis, New Products & Design Manager



Our Hand-crafted Ranges

Each of our hand-crafted tiles tell a story, whether it’s inspired by the beauty of nature, extraordinary architecture or iconic design eras.
Our skilled artisans and talented designers bring ceramic and porcelain materials to life, creating exclusive collections that are simply beautiful.




Being our first tile collection produced back in 1986, Artworks is our heritage and features beautiful, rich, glossy glazed wall tiles and mouldings as well as hand crafted decorated tiles and borders. Furthermore, our skilled artisans have recreated classic works of art on ceramic tiles which faithfully reproduce the colours and textures of the original canvases.

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The newest of our hand-crafted ranges, Living offers a highly decorative but liveable range of patterns, printed on large-format base tiles. Designed for modern life and curated by our teams of designers and artisans; these beautifully decorative tiles also begin their journey as hand-drawn concepts before being brought to life through both traditional and modern production techniques.

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Inspired by journeys from around the globe and remarkable sights, Odyssey contains a whole host of gorgeous tile patterns. Starting out as hand-drawn designs by our talented team of in-house designers, patterns are then digitally established before undergoing a series of developmental and production stages to create designs which are eventually screen-printed and fired in one of our kilns.

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Each Winchester tile is a small work of art, admired for their depth of glaze, shape or decoration. Beginning as a simple ‘bisque’, a blank canvas bearing only the indented Winchester name, it’s the various processes of firing techniques, unique hand-crafted glazes, reactive designs and hand painted masterpieces that defines Winchester - the alchemy of tile making at its best.

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