Announcing Ascot Blue as our Tile of the Year 2024!

Announcing Ascot Blue as our Tile of the Year 2024!

In homage to British Manufacturing, we’re excited to crown ‘Ascot Blue’ as our Tile of the Year for 2024. View our Tile of the Year page here. A recent addition to our iconic Artworks collection, our skilled team of designers and craftspeople have unlocked a new, cooler shade of blue while honouring the heritage of our oldest tile range.

Sumptuous, soft and elegant, Ascot Blue’s glaze recipe has been carefully formulated to produce the silky, reflective surface that our Artworks tiles are renowned for as well as creating colour depth and lustre. Available in a multitude of formats, the versatility and styling that can be achieved with Ascot Blue is sure to pique the interest of any interior enthusiast.

‘The captivating story behind our Artworks collection starts in 1986, primarily developed as a collection of tile sets for cast iron fireplaces, the range has grown to offer distinctive glazed wall tiles in different shapes and sizes, hand-crafted decorated tiles and borders and recreated masterpieces inspired by art and architecture from many eras.

Our Artworks collection has stood the test of time, and Ascot Blue - along with our other new additions – is a welcome extension to the classic range. We’re incredibly excited to announce Ascot Blue as our Tile of the Year for 2024, its denim-like tone is right on trend and impactful as well as liveable. Developing new glazes is a meticulous and extensive process and crowning Ascot Blue shines the light on our talented production teams and draws attention to astounding British craftsmanship.’ Hannah Guilbert, Creative Marketing Manager at Original Style

Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks and months for styling tips, behind the scenes sneak peeks and an abundance of inspiration.

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