Pastels with Winchester

Pastels with Winchester

The positive impact that Pastel hues have within interior colour schemes is uplifting. You can’t help but adore the soft shades of mint, baby blues and blush and the calm atmosphere they can establish within a setting. Providing comfort in colour, pastels today are known for lending a relaxed feel to interior spaces and have come a long way from only being used in children’s bedrooms. Living areas, kitchens and bathrooms have seen a surge in pastel palettes and they’re most certainly here to stay.


When it comes to tiles, our Winchester collection features gorgeous hand-crafted tiles which are manufactured at our production site in Exeter, Devon. Many of the products within this range showcase pastel colourways and due to their soft, sumptuous glazes, colour tones are enhanced to display deep, luxurious finishes.

Winchester’s Cosmopolitan range contains various pastel shades from Mint through to the more neutral tones of Mere and Truffle. Residence presents a high gloss finish providing an intensity in colour which, when teamed with its undulating rustic tile base, creates a stunning reflective surface.


The Metropolitan range features Winchester’s lustre field tiles and mouldings. The unique, lustrous finish on these tiles will add a flourish to both kitchen and bathroom settings. The iridescent effect refracts light around the room to impart radiance into pastel colourways. Clover and Blossom will appeal to those looking to integrate a blush interior scheme, whilst Cornflower, Heather, Hibiscus and Lupin offer blue-grey pastel tones.


For a more contemporary approach to tiling, Winchester’s Artisan range features brick tiles opposed to square field tiles offering greater versatility. Install horizontally for a traditional format or why not try a vertical or herringbone layout for a statement effect.


To create a tranquil and soothing space, pastel tones will achieve this like no other. And, as you can see, such tones are easily incorporated into a variety of settings and fit within both modern and traditional styles. So, if you’re looking to update your interiors this coming spring, pastels are a sure colourway for consideration.

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