Victorian floor tiles – a Swoon Worthy garden makeover

Victorian floor tiles – a Swoon Worthy garden makeover

Today we’re delighted to share with you a very special project that we’ve been working on. You may remember that we launched some additions to our Victorian Floor Tile collection, along with a gorgeous new brochure, at the beginning of the year.


Part of the re-design and the introduction of new colours was to simplify the whole process of Victorian style floor tiles. As many of the patterns are so beautifully intricate, it seemed that lots of homeowners felt intimidated or that they wouldn't be suitable for their non-Victorian home. We set about to prove this isn't the case. By introducing a new palette including several shades of grey and simpler patterns, we wanted to show that Victorian floor tiles can look as beautiful in black and white as a strongly traditional style.

We also teamed up with blogger extraordinaire, Kimberly Duran of Swoon Worthy, to help her transform the exterior of her home. Victorian floor tiles are an incredibly popular choice for front paths, gardens and patios as this is where they were traditionally used. They also offer a beautiful design feature and low maintenance solution for many homes.

Kimberly was the perfect choice for showing the versatility of Victorian tiles. Known for her colourful, maximalist style (which is anything but traditional!) we worked with Kimberly to come up with a pattern that suited her Edwardian property and that would look beautiful for years to come. Kimberly opted for a classic, intricate pattern which was updated by a monochrome palette that she preferred for this area, to ensure that it would stand the test of time. This just goes to show how a classic pattern can be made chic with the timeless combination of black and white.

The result was nothing short of incredible - and proof that Victorian style tiles can be used in homes of all styles, whether you love Kimberly's bold 'boho glam' look or something altogether more classic.

To read the full story, from start to finish, head over to Swoon Worthy.

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