Victorian Floor Tile Handcrafted Decorative Tiles

Handcrafted Decorative Tiles

Lovingly crafted by hand in our Exeter studio, our decorated tiles are the ideal complement to the plain colours. 

Based on traditional Victorian designs, the decorations are in colours designed to coordinate with the geometric tiles. Choose from panels, individual drop-ins and borders and corners in differing colours and styles.

Individually Screen Printed by Hand

With each tile individually screen printed by hand, this age old process involves transferring the stencilled design onto the tile using a mesh screen with each colour applied in individual layers to build up the intricate designs.

Whether you choose an exquisite large decorated panel, or add small 'drop-in' elements to one of our Victorian Floor Tile patterns, the addition of handcrafted decorative elements will really elevate your design and allow you to create a truly custom floor that will bring joy for years to come.

53mm (2") & 75mm (3") Drop-in Tiles

Small but perfectly formed, use these tiles to replace any 53mm (2") square tile  in our geometric patterns or borders to add a decorative touch to your floor.

Livingstone 106mm (4 1/8")

Replacing 106mm (4 1/8") squares, our Livingstone decoratives are available in both classic and more contemporary colours.  They are shown off to perfection in patterns such as Blenheim and Rochester.

Wellesley & Liverpool 151mm (6")

Bold and beautiful, use these 151mm (6") decoratives within one of our geometric patterns to add interest and variety.

Gladstone 151mm (6") Four Tile Sets

The smaller of our handcrafted panels, our Gladstone 4-tile sets are wonderfully versatile.  Use them individually to add interest, or as multiple panels to create a real show-stopper!

Palmerston 36-Tile Sets

A hand crafted 36-tile panel, our Palmerston set creates the perfect focal point. Available in two classic colourways it is a beautiful complement to one of our traditional geometric patterns.

Disraeli 9-Tile Sets

Full of intricate detailing, our Disraeli 9-tile set is available in two delightful colourways and makes a stunning focal point for your floor. 

Decorative Borders & Corners

Use these beautiful handcrafted designs as drop-ins within patterns and/or borders.

Custom Decorative Tiles

If you would like any of our decorated tiles on a different coloured base tile or in a different combination of colours we can help.  Our hand decorated tiles are produced in small batches in our studio in Exeter so we are able to respond to bespoke requests.

Ready to take the next step?

Once you have decided on a pattern and colours, and have taken accurate measurements of the area to be tiled, it’s time to speak to your retailer for a quote:

Planning a commercial project?

We have decades of experience in supplying commercial projects with our Victorian Floor Tiles and an in-house design team on hand to assist with layout and quantity questions.

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