Art Deco style

Friday 19 September 2014, Written by Sarah Cole

We wrote last year about how the Art Deco style was making a comeback in the fashion and interiors world thanks, in part, to the release of Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic, The Great Gatsby.

Typified by angular lines and decorative motifs such as fans, coupled with dramatic black and striking metallics, Art Deco style is instantly recognisable and still much loved.

One of the reasons that Art Deco remains so popular is that the colours associated with the style are eminently usable in just about any part of the home. Blacks, whites, soft greens and for the bold peacock shades and sumptuous purple - or anything that evokes a sense of luxury!

The secret to pulling off the Art Deco look is making the most of a few key principles. Strong geometry is one - angular shapes and solid outlines create a clean look. Black and white is another. If in doubt return to a monochrome palette and start from there with some lush coloured accents. A sense of symmetry is also important and will help to balance the look, so try and repeat shapes and colours in proportion to others.

If you're new to Art Deco, why not start with a few accents? A decorative tiled splashback, angular lamp or mirrored sideboard are all ways of incorporating the look bit by bit.

If you want more inspiration, head to our Pinterest board for the very best in Art Deco.

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