Tile Shop Checklist: 8 Things to do Before Visiting a Tile Shop


8 Things to Do Before Visiting a Tile Shop

Our friendly showroom team loves helping customers find the perfect tiles for their homes - no matter what stage you’re at in your tiling project. Before stopping by one of our tile shops, you may wish to consider the following points to help kick-start your renovations.


1. Think About Design

You may have some idea of the tiles you are looking for, or you might not have a clue! Either way, we recommend taking your time to browse our inspiration articles, Pinterest and Instagram, and have a good look through some interiors magazines to help you begin.

Our brochures are also great for discovering ideas. Our Tile Edit brochure includes features and imagery on beautiful bathroom ideas, contemporary kitchen schemes, outdoor renovations and real-life home makeover projects.

If you’re still unsure on your design or where to start – we totally understand! When it comes to decorating with tiles, the options can seem endless. Our tile shop team can help you narrow things down or expand your horizons depending on what you want. 


2. Take Photos of the Area to be Tiled

Bring photographs in on your phone and you'll have a better idea of colour, lighting, substrate (surface of wall/floor to be tiled), and curtains/carpet/etc you'll want to match. Fabric samples are great too. 


3. Take Measurements

If you are able to bring the measurements of your space along it can help our team to provide an accurate quotation and give them a better understanding of your space, allowing them to help you find the most suitable and stylish tiles.

To find out how many square metres your space is, measure the width of the area (a), then measure the height or length (b), and then multiply (a x b) to calculate the total area of the wall or floor.


4. Consider Timescale 

Whether you need your tiles in weeks or months, we have a variety of product to meet all timeframes. If your tiling scheme has a quick turnaround, discuss this with our tile shop team so they can show you products with fast delivery.

While many tiles are in stock and available the same day, some of our lines have longer lead times.   Delivery can usually be arranged within 3-5 days.


5. Look at Lighting

Did you know the amount and type of light available in your project can affect the look of your tiles? Whether you have an abundance of natural light or are restricted to artificial, our team can advise on the best tiles to enhance your space.

When it comes to samples, we always recommend viewing them in different lights throughout the day as the colours and glazes can look different morning through to night.


6. Think About Your Budget 

Our goal is to give you the best tiles possible. If you can give us an overall idea of what you’re looking to spend, we can make sure we show you tiles that are in line with your expectations.  


7. Find Your Tiler

Use a professional tiler to get the very best installation possible. If you are looking for recommendations, we advise customers to spend a little time on Google looking at reviews.  However, if you are planning to do it yourself, our staff will be happy to advise on which products are needed to complete your installation. Many of our staff have tiled their own homes with our products, giving them additional insight into the process. 


8. Bring an Open Mind

Our Original Style tile shops are packed with inspiring displays and tiles at a variety of price points. Whether you have specific tiles in mind, or you are just looking to browse for ideas, you can expect a warm welcome with friendly staff on-hand to guide you. Many of our most delighted customers came to us with one idea and were inspired by something completely different in our showrooms. Of course, if you have a very specific idea we'll be happy to accommodate. 



These steps needn’t be daunting, and definitely aren’t required before visiting us. Even if you just want to come in and have a browse, our teams are ready to welcome you with a complementary hot drink, helpful advice, sample tiles – whatever you need for the current stage of your project.


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