I is for Ink Jet Printing

Friday 20 November 2015, Written by Laura Tompkins Tags: Natural Stone, A to Z

Marble is currently everywhere in interiors and rightly so, its detailed veining and neutral tones make it appealing to homeowners - but can you tell the difference between marble effect and the real thing?

Our tiles in the Tileworks collection have a wide range of finishes, colours and effects using the latest ink jet technology. Wood effect is a great example of how ink jet technology uses an image of real wood but removes any naturally occurring blemishes and flaws so the natural variation is emulated onto the tile.

Here are some more benefits of ink - jet printing

  • You get all the best bits! Because the effect is printed onto the tile you get a more uniform and perfect finish
  • Maintenance - ceramic and porcelain tiles don't require regular sealing or upkeep so spills and liquids aren't a problem
  • Cost - because ceramic and porcelain tiles are thinner in weight they are more cost effective
  • Installation - again because they are light weight and low maintenance they are easy to install - bonus!

Of course natural stone is still a fantastic investment but if it's out of your budget then try a digitally printed alternative. With such advanced technology stones like marble, limestone and travertine are now beautifully replicated in ceramic and porcelain tiles. Head over to this week's inspiration pages for a closer look at our Tileworks collection. 

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