Relief Moulded Tiles

New for 2024: Artworks Relief Moulded Designs

We’re proud to introduce three new relief moulded designs to our cherished Artworks range 

Created to be used as a running border, these latest additions draw inspiration from historical architectural styles, adding a touch of timeless elegance and heritage appeal.


Embracing age-old techniques, the initial designs were hand-carved by our skilled production team, before being modelled from plaster and finished using our classic and beautifully sumptuous Artworks glazes. 

Our talented artisans have also introduced a new application technique whereby glazes are exquisitely hand-painted onto our new Grosvenor and Berkeley designs to create a two-tone glazed effect.

Single Glaze 

Double Glaze

A combination of two glazes creates added depth and colour. 

Made in Britain

Ascot Blue’s glaze recipe has been carefully formulated by our skilled team of designers and craftspeople, unlocking a new, cooler shade of blue to our signature Artworks collection. 

Contemporary Kitchens

Designed to portray a colour drench effect, this kitchen scene features an abundance of blue tones to inspire anyone looking to create a bold yet liveable space.

Luxurious Bathrooms

We’ve styled a mixture of tile formats with decorative floor tiles for a glamourous bathroom look. Opt for classic sanitary ware with gold or brass accents and a touch of greenery to complete the look.

Our Manufacturing Process 


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