Tubelined Tiles

New for 2024

New for 2024: Artworks Tubelined Designs

We’ve revisited the archives to bring four new tube lined tile designs to our cherished Artworks range

Tube lined tiles are a beautiful example of traditional tile craftsmanship. Created using age-old techniques, these new additions have been designed using a refreshed colour palette to best complement some of our latest glazes.


Originating in the Victorian era, these tiles are created using a technique where raised lines of liquid clay are applied to the tile surface, creating intricate designs that are then filled with our sumptuous, colourful glazes. 

“Our passion for time-honoured design inspired us to revisit the archives and revive some of our classic tube lined tiles. Brimming with inspiration, we developed four new tube lined tiles, all with coordinating borders, perfect for those who want to embrace heritage-style interiors but with contemporary colourways’ – Becca Keenan, New Products Designer.


on Vintage Green


on Vintage White


on Ascot Blue


on Victorian Green

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