Victorian Floor Tiles

Victorian Floor Tiles

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of Victorian Floor Tiles for the last 30-years, it’s fair to say that we know a thing or two about traditional geometric tiling. Many British homes built from around 1860 may have had a tiled front path, porch, hallway or kitchen and with our iconic range, it’s easy to replicate or restore these areas to their original glory.

Over the years, our range has expanded and now includes exclusive colourways and a variety of shapes to create traditional and contemporary pattern and border designs. Wonderfully versatile, our vitrified ceramic Victorian Floor Tiles are hard wearing and beautiful.

Ready To Get Inspired?

Many of our patterns and borders are based on authentic designs from the Victorian and Edwardian eras but with the vast selection of shapes, sizes and colours available you can choose to keep it traditional, opt for a more contemporary style or even create your own bespoke design.

Getting Started

Supplied as individual pieces, the design possibilities with our Victorian Floor Tiles are almost endless. With this in mind, we understand that it can be a little tricky to know where to start so we recommend taking the following steps to kick-start your Victorian Floor Tile journey.

  • Browse our patterns

    From simple Black & White chequerboard designs, through to our popular Blenheim 3-colour pattern, we have an abundance of traditional and contemporary patterns for you to choose from. Explore our range of patterns, colourways, inspiration articles or our Victorian Floor Tile brochure and let us inspire your project.

  • Browse our borders

    Once you have an idea of your pattern and colourways, you can think about complementary border designs. Whilst a border isn’t essential, it is a great way to frame your Victorian Floor Tile masterpiece. Please bear in mind that not every border will work with your pattern, but our retailers can help you decide.

  • Talk to a retailer

    Now that you’re inspired, it’s time to visit to one of our retailers or an Original Style Tile Showroom. There you can chat your project through with an expert for detailed design, installation and maintenance advice. Our retailers can also take your measurements and work with our CAD team to create visuals of your project.

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Find a Retailer

At your local retailer you can order samples, get expert advice and browse inspiring displays. We have over 2000 retailers worldwide.

Visit an Original Style Tile Showroom

Our flagship showrooms are welcoming, bright spaces that have been designed to help inspire our customers in a relaxed, creative environment.