Commercial Custom Made Tiles

Custom-Made Tiles


As a manufacturer, Original Style can create virtually any look you desire. Logos, custom images, and unique patterns or colours are just some of the options.


Black and white artwork on back wall created for restaurant. 


Logo tiles create signage that is easy to read and clean on counters or walls. 


These bespoke coloured tiles were specially ordered by the client to match restaurant green and yellow branding. 


The Design Team can create large wall compositions to match company branding, from a large, rustic cow composition to a diagonal logo.  


The Design Team can create custom prints on Victorian Floor Tiles, ideal for logos and brand names.


In-house Hand Painting Team and the Screen Printing Team provide flexibility in small and large volume. 


Custom Tiles at Any Scale

The Production Team can identify options, from more traditional tile manufacturing techniques to on-site state-of-the-art inkjet production lines. For tiles where it is not economical for us to manufacture, our global network of suppliers and immense buying power allows us to provide clients a variety of pricing options. 

Key Services

  • Design advice backed by decades of experience
  • Technical support ensuring successful installation of tiles
  • Access to a vast array of tiles & tiling products
  • Bespoke 3D rendering & design services
  • Professional support team covering the UK 

Creating Together

The Design Team brings hundreds of new designs to life every year. Come to Original Style with your concept, however detailed or preliminary, and we can use our vast experience to help you create the perfect tiling solution. 

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