Announcing our Tile of the Year for 2022; Wildflower Rose!

Announcing our Tile of the Year for 2022; Wildflower Rose!

Wonderfully whimsical and oozing with sophistication and natural beauty, it’s no wonder why Wildflower Rose has been crowned the must-have tile for the upcoming year.


We’ve been nominating a Tile of the Year for the last five years, selecting exclusive, statement tiles, like Wildflower Rose, that are truly unique and set to influence upcoming interior trends. This tile is a real show-stopper and we’re extremely excited to finally present it to you!

Brand new to our Living range of decorative, large-format tiles, Wildflower Rose features a delicate yet lively floral design inspired by the untamed wildflowers of the British countryside. Created in-house by our talented team of designers and craftspeople, this one-of-a-kind tile was influenced by the cottagecore trend and was ignited during the summer of 2020 when rural walks and exploring the great outdoors was a welcome escape.

We spent many weeks sketching and painting an abundance of wildflower varieties before working closely with our skilled production teams in order to bring these gorgeous designs to life’ - Jane Addis, our New Products and Design Manager.


We absolutely love the versatility of this tile and the variety of looks it can bring to a space, therefore we’ve teamed up with COAT Paints who have picked the perfect paints to best complement and enhance the natural beauty of Wildflower Rose whilst creating a series of interior styles.

‘At COAT, we want to make decorating easy. Original Style have such a great range of cool tiles, made with skill in the UK, it seemed a no-brainer to pair our premium colours with the tile of the year to create a great look.’

‘We absolutely love Wildflower Rose and think it can play out in so many different styles of home, whether you’ve got a period property or a modern space, it’s a dainty intriguing design that will look great wherever you use it.’

‘To complement Original Style’s Tile of the Year we’ve chosen shades ‘Adulting’ a deep teal green which plays well with the foliage in Wildflower Rose, delivering a sophisticated look with grey undertones and ‘Ciao, Sofia' a dusty pink that picks up the blush elements to really showcase the tile detail with a luxurious look.’ - Rob Green, COAT Paints Co-founder

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Wildflower Rose has been added to our distinctive Living range alongside Gold and Violet colourways as well as whole host of new statement designs which will be launched in the coming weeks. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

Wildflower Rose is sure to attract anyone with a love for the outdoors and this versatile design can be styled to create a range of different looks - contemporary or traditional. But, however you choose to style Wildflower Rose, this tile will no doubt bring a special, nurturing touch to your interior décor and we hope it brings as much joy to others as creating it has to us.

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