Antique Mirror Additions

Antique Mirror Additions

We are delighted to officially launch our new Glassworks additions! At the end of 2014 we added a whole host of decorative effects to the collection including Copper Leaf and Crushed Pearl as well as the popular Antique Mirror. With this, we have added three new colours in a 300 x 100mm size to the Antique Mirror collection, in white, grey and copper shades as well as a 600 x 300mm size in white.


Reflective tiles are fantastic for helping a room to appear larger and they add instant glamour to any space in your home, even if it just on one wall. Panelling a whole wall in Antique mirror tiles creates a focal point and maximises reflective power giving the illusion of an expanse of space.   

The new additions are perfect for this trick, the 600 x 300 large format White Mirror Tile is ideal for covering a whole wall as there are less grout gaps making for a seamless reflection. This approach is also great for illuminating dark hallways or narrow corridors as it helps to add depth. For an ultimate statement though, use mirror tiles on two opposite walls to create an infinity style effect, the bigger the mirrors, the bigger the impact!

However if you don't want this level of commitment, using reflective mirror tiles on a small scale also allows the light to refract around the room. Try incorporating a mirror tile splash back or even just a panel of mirror tiles to help enhance a feeling of space. Reflective tiles can enhance the look and feel of just about any space as well as being durable and easy to clean.


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