Border tiles for walls and floors

Border tiles for walls and floors

Border tiles are often overlooked, but can really add that coveted wow factor to a finished design. You can use them to frame, highlight, zone and finish an area to perfection. Many tiles are available with a specially designed; matching border, but there's plenty of scope to be creative for a truly individual finish for both walls and floors.


Why use border tiles?

One reason for using border tiles is to add a decorative edge or that perfect finishing flourish to the edges of a tiled area. This works well when creating splashbacks, upstands or if you are using tiles to dado height, such as in entrances or hallways. This adds a sense of completion and polish which can really smarten up an area for that all important great first impression.


Creating zones with border tiles

Border tiles can be very effective in creating definition, or 'zones', which can be helpful in open plan spaces. Open plan schemes can sometimes feel like they are lacking cohesion, so it's important to ensure that every area has a clear use. In kitchen/diners, for example, border tiles can be used to create a 'rug effect' in the dining area, framing patterned tiles. This differentiates the space from the working kitchen and will make it feel cosier.    


What type of border tile should I use?

This depends very much on the style that you're going for, but there's a wealth of options for every kind of space:

  • Mosaic border tiles - very popular in bathrooms, a shimmering, top quality mosaic tile can elevate the scheme, particularly if you're on a budget. Opting for show stopping details, such as a fancy mosaic border, can add a high end look to low cost tiles.
  • Ceramic border tiles - perfect for areas where tiles are carried up to half or dado height delicately moulded, glossy ceramic borders are ideal for adding a sophisticated finish. Choose a shape in a matching shade for a sleek look.
  • Decorative border tiles - decorative borders can be just the ticket for lifting an otherwise plain area. If you prefer the look of plain, glossy metro tiles consider adding a decorative border in the same colour for an interesting twist.

Patterned border tiles- if you're going all out with a highly patterned floor, why not finish the look by framing it with a patterned border tile? Our own Odyssey range of patterned tiles (shown top) offers a selection of borders specially designed to match the designs and create a clean edge. This can also help to highlight the pattern and set it off. Conversely, if your floor is plain, a patterned border can add decorative detail.

Accent border tiles- thin glass accent tiles, can be an excellent way of introducing an alternative colour that you wouldn't otherwise use. This adds an interesting decorative detail that can be carried through the rest of the scheme with complementary accessories.

Bespoke border tiles - Victorian floor tiles form a distinct style that lends itself to the use of borders. Often highly patterned and associated with grand, period properties, Victorian tiled borders can be designed around the property itself to be in keeping with existing features and styles. This creates a sense of luxury - who wouldn't want a floor specifically designed to their property and tastes?


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