Interior Trends 2021: Staycation

Interior Trends 2021: Staycation

With the majority of us currently unable to jet off to sunnier climates, we’ve been looking re encouraging people to look at ways to bring those well-deserved vacation feels into your home. Our Staycation trend is all about showcasing how you can bring relaxing, holiday-inspired vibes into your interior décor so you can create a space to escape within all year round – who doesn’t want that?!


The perfect place to start when embracing this trend is to think of your favourite holiday locations, or coastal inspired retreats, and look at the colours, textures and materials that embody these destinations, then incorporate them into a designated space within the home. Whether it’s a countryside inspired bathroom, a bedroom with Moroccan accents, a kitchen that transports you to the Mediterranean or an outdoor area that retells stories from late nights in Spain – the possibilities are almost endless.

For us and many others, coastal locations epitomise vacations so a great way of embracing the Staycation trend is to look at bringing a range of different blues into the home. Blue tones personify the natural hues of the sea and sky and immediately provide a calm and tranquil atmosphere. Team these blues with fresh whites and subtle greys to create a seamless coastal colour palette.

To take the coastal vibe a step further, our Maui Pebble mosaics are the perfect accompanying floor tile for the ultimate seaside inspired escape. It’s also important to remember that’s not just colour that can help you achieve your desired look, texture and surface finishes also play an integral part. Keeping with the seaside theme, we’d suggest exploring shimmery and glossy tile finishes creating a bright space that bounces light around the room to mimic the sun reflecting off the sea. Our Pearl Scale mosaics feature a light-inducing iridescent finish and coastal curves – perfect for achieving that statement nautical style.

For more Staycation inspiration, take a look at our video below.

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