Tile of the year 2018, Heath!

Tile of the year 2018, Heath!

We are pleased to announce our tile of the year, Heath from The Winchester Tile Company! We’re so excited to hero a tile from one of our most cherished collections and this gorgeous silky grey/purple field tile truly deserves the limelight. Just take a look for yourself…


Heath is a shade drawn from nature with deep, warm, earthy tones that elicit a real sense of indulgence. This hue paired with the artisanal vibe of the Winchester Tile Company’s Residence collection is brilliantly versatile with a spirit of Avant-garde.

For this look we’ve teamed the Heath field tile with a gorgeous glitter grout and luxurious accessories for a glamorous twist. Heath creates a wonderfully warm canvas to build upon; here we’ve styled it with a gold mirror, feature lighting and striking black marble floor tiles from our Earthworks natural stone collection.

The wonderful thing about Heath is its versatility; there are so many nuances to this colour.  Whether you want to create a striking look like we have, or team it with some crisp whites or greys for a more relaxed vibe, Heath can transform your home in different ways.

For the rest of the year and throughout 2018 we will be bringing you all sorts of inspiration on how to use and style Heath within your home. Look out for mood boards, tips, ideas and even video clips

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