Top tips for using Victorian floor tiles in porches, paths, gardens and halls

Top tips for using Victorian floor tiles in porches, paths, gardens and halls

Geometric Victorian style tiles are incredibly popular at the moment, with more and more people embracing traditional styles as much as simplistic monochrome versions. We've also noticed more and more homeowners updating traditional patterns in modern grey, black and white palettes.


Some people are a little daunted by Victorian tiles as they can be tricky to lay. The process requires lots of patience and forward planning as patterns are made up of individual tile pieces which have to be laid precisely, one by one. We always recommend using an experienced tiler to get the best result!

One of the most cost effective and time efficient ways of incorporating the Victorian style into your home is to focus on a small area, such as a cloakroom, porch, hallway, front path, step or conservatory. Whilst it might seem counterintuitive, making a feature of a compact space can actually have as much impact as using on a large scale. Sprucing up a garden path at the front of your property will increase its kerb appeal, as well as giving visitors a warm welcome. The same can be said for hallways, which will make your home an inviting place to return to, not to mention the fact that ceramic tiles are incredibly hard wearing and easy to clean and maintain - crucial for those wet umbrellas and muddy boots.

It's a common misconception that grand geometric tiles can't be used on a small scale, but lots of traditional patterns scale down beautifully to small areas. If you can't find anything you like, you could always create something entirely bespoke using individual tile pieces in a huge array of colours.

To create something truly unique, you can use decorative drop in tiles as accents to really set off the look. These look great when used within an otherwise plain pattern, drawing the eye and demanding attention.

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