Wonderful wood-effect! 10 reasons to choose wood-effect tiles

Friday 12 June 2020, Written by Laura Tompkins

Tags: Wood, Contemporary

Wood flooring has been popular in interiors for decades, it looks beautiful in modern and traditional settings alike, and, is brilliant for creating a neutral scheme that can be built upon to create many interior styles.

Although wood-effect floor tiles have been around for some time, many are still surprised to find out the endless benefits and styling options they have to offer.

10 Reasons to choose wood-effect tiles

1. Moisture resistant – Spills just wipe off and you can use them in showers
2. Wear resistant – No hardwood is this hard
3. Fire Proof – Wood-effect tiles will not burn or release any toxic fumes
4. No rot – Impervious to rising damp, mould or decay
5. Super hygienic – Non-absorbent and easy to clean
6. Allergen reducing – they won’t harbour dust mites, pet dander or fleas
7. Colour stable – No more ‘orange pine’ terror!
8. No sealants, varnishes or oils required
9. No on-going maintenance – no stripping, sanding or re-sealing
and finally…
10. Slip-resistant options – for wood-effect wet rooms, shower floors and outside area’s!

Alongside all this, there’s really no denying that wood-effect floor tiles are just truly beautiful...