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  1. Finishing touches - how to use mouldings, tile trims and grouts

    Finishing touches - how to use mouldings, tile trims and grouts Mouldings, tile trims, grouts and all the other finishing touches associated with tiling can often be overlooked or a last minute thought, however, these accessories can complete a tiling project to perfection. Many of our tile collections are available with coordinating mouldings and border tiles that be used to frame, highlight and finish tiled spaces seamlessly.   Wall tiles and mouldings Our Winchester collection is hand-crafted by skilled artisans in our Devon factory. Exuding rustic charm and offering an authentic appeal, tiles and moudlings from the Winchester collection are perfect for those looking to add character to a space. The Winchester collection offers a whole host of glazed wall tiles in a variety of colours, many of which have a coordinating moulding.    Including a moulding in your scheme is a great way to lift simple décor and add interest. If you prefer the look of plain, glossy metro tiles - adding a decorative border or skirting in the same colour will provide a detailed twist:     There are four ranges within the Winchester collection; Elements, rustic brick tiles in muted hues and bolder shades; Residence, glossy glazes in a number of formats; Artisan, with mellow tones inspired by nature; and Classic, traditional formats in a wide range of colours and mouldings as well as a selection of whimsical designs. It’s not just our Winchester collection that hosts an array of mouldings, our Artworks collection also features a number of intricate border and skirting designs. Perfect for adding a decorative edge to simple field and brick tiles, our Artworks collection includes many classic colour options as well as contemporary shades of grey, allowing you to explore both traditional as well as modern tile and moulding combinations. Choose from simple a Omega pencil style, timeless Egg and Dart and detailed Hogarth. These mouldings are great in areas where tiles fill half a wall or come to dado height as they help to create a stylish, sophisticated finish.     Trims and Grout Whilst selecting tiles can be an exciting process, choosing a grout colour may seem less important in comparison – but with a bit of careful consideration, choosing the right grout colour can really complete a project. The most popular options when it comes to grout are shades of grey, limestone and jasmine, depending on the colour of your chosen tiles. Choosing a darker colour grout can reduce the appearance of stains and general wear and tear but also it creates a stylish contrasting feature against lighter coloured tiles – imagine white metro wall tiles teamed with grey grout. Trims can be used around windows to hide any tile edges, as a border around tiles where they don’t fill an entire wall and even in smaller spaces, like alcoves or recesses. Choose from a variety of finishes, shades and thickness, all of which will help you create a sleek and streamlined finish to your tile project.   With the amount of aspects to consider in a tiling project, we appreciate this process can be slightly overwhelming. However, this experience can remain fun and exciting by having a tile specialist walk you through your tile design journey and provide you with expert guidance. We work with over 2,000 retailers across the world so that you can choose your perfect Original Style tiles in confidence.  Read more...
  2. The Square Tile Trend

     The Square Tile Trend Tiling trends have come a long way over the last few decades, with huge developments in machinery and ink jet printing creating a whole host of new options, there’s now multitude of patterns, shapes, sizes and colours to choose from.   Despite how many trends come and go, the square field tile remains a classic staple in interiors. They’re so versatile and can be used as subtle or as pronounced as you make them. Many of our collections are home to the humble field tile, with wide selections of colour, size and glaze depth. We’ve got plenty of inspirational photography, which shows how you can style field tiles around your home.   Neutral backdrops Scandi interiors are still among the most popular styles for homeowners, with many people lusting after neutral colour schemes to create a calm tranquil feel. These simple small white field tiles from the La Belle Collection create the perfect contemporary feel. Used in a grid pattern they have a modern edge with a paired back feel. Winchester Classic field tiles can also be used in the same way:   Colour Wall If however you’re looking for something more vibrant, browse through our Artworks, La Belle Collection and Winchester Collections. Myriad colours across these ranges create a whole rainbow of offerings. Here are some of our favourites:        Styling ideas To mix things up a bit why not try some coloured or even glitter grout?! Check out Winchester Heath below for a real statement. For the more traditional, try teaming your field tiles with classic mouldings or even drop in tiles to add some interest and texture.   Read more...
  3. The Green Tile Trend

    The Green Tile Trend Every few years, the popularity in green tiles surge – and, guess what, it’s that time again! Although they don’t appeal to everyone, you cannot dispute the class and elegance that a green colour palette brings to a space, and we for one, absolutely adore this reoccurring trend.   What’s particularly wonderful about embracing the green tile style is that there are varying intensities. For those of you who love bold, dramatic colours – an emerald green may be an exciting choice. Whereas, those who are looking for more subtle influences perhaps a teal, pattern or pastel palette would be more applicable. If you’re thinking about incorporating green tiles into your home, we’ve picked out some of our favourites from various collections to provide you with some green-spiration! Victorian Green, from our Artworks collection, is one of our most popular green tiles. Intense and rich in colour, this tile is a timeless classic. During the Victorian era, strong bold colours such as emerald greens, gold, burgundy, crimson and intense blues were of great interest and were used in the ‘best’ rooms of Victorian households. Adding to the grandeur of this tile, various mouldings are also available. From the characterful Egg & Dart, Victoria, and Skirting through to the decorative Scroll and Hogarth borders. Pair Victorian Green with any of these mouldings and you’ll be on your way to creating a beautiful space full of character and charm. The Eden range from Living, will be loved by those who relish in the colour of rolling hills, wild woods and tropical paradise. Eden enables you to bring the outside in and is a subtle, modern approach to the green tile trend.   Our most renowned collection features a gorgeous, classic green which can be incorporated into various patterns and borders. Team with Regency Bath and London Stone for an earthy colour palette or Black and Dover White for a striking, contemporary look.   Read more...
  4. Our top ideas for using metallic tiles

    Our top ideas for using metallic tiles If you’re looking to add some drama and warmth to your space, here are a few ways to incorporate metallic tiles into your home.   Unique Splashbacks There’s no denying that Copper has been the material of the moment in interiors as it looks great in a huge variety of settings. Brass and chrome are also still hugely popular but it is copper hues that are making the biggest impact in kitchen designs. If you’re looking a touch of copper, we recommend opting for a splashback using our Copper Leaf tile from the Glassworks collection.   Full glamour For those who want to really embrace the metallic trend look no further than a full wall of metallic effect tiles for a real wow factor. Metallic Steel (made from Porcelain) from the Tileworks collection is perfect for this and is and is suitable for wet walls making it ideal for bathrooms. We have plenty of metallic mosaics on offer from copper linear style to hexagons, browse the collection here. For those looking for maximum impact try Fusion Micro as pictured below.   Detail therapy If you’re on the other end of the spectrum and love the metallic trend but you’re not sure how to incorporate it into your interior, try experimenting with some accessories before taking the plunge. Adding a few accent pieces is also a great way to change a kitchen or bathroom, try adding a panel of metallic mosaics to liven up your space and add a little bit of interest.   Mixing Materials This is another popular trend that when done correctly looks striking, take a look at these Platinum half tiles teamed with a marble work top and teal green paint, a winning combination! Experimenting with textures and materials is a great way to create a unique style in your home.   Keep it classic There are many interior design styles that lend themselves to the current trend of metallic, such as Art Deco. Art Deco tiles tend to feature accents in gold and silver, as these hues are reminiscent of the opulence of the era. Stylised Art Deco tiles in trademark geometric shapes could be a great way of introducing gold and silver if you don’t want to cover large areas. Try incorporating decorative Art Deco border tiles with metallic flashes for an easy to live with look that is sure to impress Read more...
  5. Border tiles for walls and floors

    Border tiles for walls and floors Border tiles are often overlooked, but can really add that coveted wow factor to a finished design. You can use them to frame, highlight, zone and finish an area to perfection. Many tiles are available with a specially designed; matching border, but there's plenty of scope to be creative for a truly individual finish for both walls and floors.   Why use border tiles? One reason for using border tiles is to add a decorative edge or that perfect finishing flourish to the edges of a tiled area. This works well when creating splashbacks, upstands or if you are using tiles to dado height, such as in entrances or hallways. This adds a sense of completion and polish which can really smarten up an area for that all important great first impression.   Creating zones with border tiles Border tiles can be very effective in creating definition, or 'zones', which can be helpful in open plan spaces. Open plan schemes can sometimes feel like they are lacking cohesion, so it's important to ensure that every area has a clear use. In kitchen/diners, for example, border tiles can be used to create a 'rug effect' in the dining area, framing patterned tiles. This differentiates the space from the working kitchen and will make it feel cosier.       What type of border tile should I use? This depends very much on the style that you're going for, but there's a wealth of options for every kind of space: Mosaic border tiles - very popular in bathrooms, a shimmering, top quality mosaic tile can elevate the scheme, particularly if you're on a budget. Opting for show stopping details, such as a fancy mosaic border, can add a high end look to low cost tiles. Ceramic border tiles - perfect for areas where tiles are carried up to half or dado height delicately moulded, glossy ceramic borders are ideal for adding a sophisticated finish. Choose a shape in a matching shade for a sleek look. Decorative border tiles - decorative borders can be just the ticket for lifting an otherwise plain area. If you prefer the look of plain, glossy metro tiles consider adding a decorative border in the same colour for an interesting twist. Patterned border tiles- if you're going all out with a highly patterned floor, why not finish the look by framing it with a patterned border tile? Our own Odyssey range of patterned tiles (shown top) offers a selection of borders specially designed to match the designs and create a clean edge. This can also help to highlight the pattern and set it off. Conversely, if your floor is plain, a patterned border can add decorative detail. Accent border tiles- thin glass accent tiles, can be an excellent way of introducing an alternative colour that you wouldn't otherwise use. This adds an interesting decorative detail that can be carried through the rest of the scheme with complementary accessories. Bespoke border tiles - Victorian floor tiles form a distinct style that lends itself to the use of borders. Often highly patterned and associated with grand, period properties, Victorian tiled borders can be designed around the property itself to be in keeping with existing features and styles. This creates a sense of luxury - who wouldn't want a floor specifically designed to their property and tastes?   Read more...
  6. Charming hand painted tiles

    Charming hand painted tiles At Original Style, we have been manufacturing ceramic tiles in our Devon factory for as long as we have been in existence. We use traditional techniques, moulds and glazes to create gorgeous relief tiles, many of which are hand painted one by one by our talented artists.   Part of the appeal of these tiles is that colour is carefully applied by hand meaning that each tile contains startling detail and individuality. A range of styles are available, from beautiful butterflies to happy farmyard creatures - perfect for creating a homely, country kitchen style. The beauty of these tiles is that you can choose a small number of decorative accent tiles which nestle between a field of plain tiles to create a focal point. Our large plaques often find homes as splashbacks behind sinks or hobs. Border tiles featuring cute piglets, geese and lambs (shown above) are sure to raise a smile. If you're planning an update this spring, why not invite the natural world into your home? Flowers painted in gorgeous detail will instantly liven up any space year round, so pick your favourite bloom and create a feature in your home Read more...

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